What I will and what I won’t read

I have so far yet to discover genres or types of books that I won’t read. Although I do have preferences.
Ages: I enjoy reading books aimed at children, young adult or new adult books. But like I’ve said, I’ll read books aimed at any age and will even abuse my own family members as guinea pigs in some instances.
Genres: My prefered genres are fantasy & scifi, but also historical-based tales.

Guilty Pleasures?

I love reading works based on pre-existing works. For instance, books based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or parodies such as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter or New Moan.
I am also a fan of comic books, after being heavily involved in especially the Dutch comic book world and having met many of the artists and comic book text writers.


Reviews for books can be short or long. I might decide not to take on the reviewing of a book when it is asked of me. If I can’t approach the review from any positive angle for an audience, then I will return the book without posting a review as I hold a policy of postive review approach and rather hand back the assignment than submit a zero-stars review.

Positivity First

I like to use a positive approach when I write my reviews, meaning I will pick out positive points of the book, try and find out what audience might be interested, and write out of their perspective. That doesn’t mean I won’t be critical or will leave out negative remarks, but rather that instead of writing a negative point-of-view, I will opt to use a positive angle to highlight the good and the bads. For instance, warnings can be written out in a way addressing those who might be interested: “If you like stories about blood-sucking vampires, this is one for you!” or “A story full of blood and gore which might not be to everyone’s palate.” Or by the use of comparisons “Not as much Buffy the Vampire Slayer but rather more Twilight remade.”