Elementor #127

Vanne's books

Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls
it was amazing
Brilliant continuation of the Dog Man series, and very easy to read as a stand-alone thanks to the introduction which lists all the important characters and happenings you need to know to understand this tale. Dog Man has a serious pro...
Angel Mage
Read for Biblion. Interesting tale placed in a fantasy setting of France, with a well-build and complex magic system that works pretty well. The different points of view work well, the plot is straightforward and easy to follow. I had so...
The First
it was amazing
De Nederlandse vertaling gelezen voor Fantasywereld, en net als deel 1 een pakkend, verslavend verhaal. Byx en haar uitzonderlijke metgezellen gaan op zoek naar een drijvend eiland. Het gerucht gaat dat hier nog darienen te vinden zijn. ...
Snowflake, AZ
liked it
Several times I revised this review before even posting it. Because I have so much I want to write about this book. I had to stop myself and get back to the core of it all. I feel the intention was to make the reader think about certai...